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Bulk Google Index Checker API - IndexedAPI

Google Index Checking at an unbeatable price.

Check if a list of links or pages is indexed on Googleusing both "site:" and "inurl:" tests, for as low as $0.0007 per URL.  Usable through a UI or through API.

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Use cases

A page that is not indexed is a page that can't bring you any traffic and is less likely to be in the link graph. Checking your pages and backlinks for indexation can help you discover issues and unlock traffic opportunities.

Backlinks indexation

Check the indexation status of backlinks of an expired domain before purchase
Check the quality of your link building

Pages indexation

Discover pages with issues preventing indexation
Follow the indexed pages of any website

Why IndexedAPI ?

ie. why use an easy-to-use tool when you could pay double the price elsewhere ?

2 tests for the price of one (site: + inurl:)
Unbeatable price
Free, documented API
Exportable results (CSV)
No proxies needed
Purchased credits do not expire
Pricing calculator 💵

Pay-as-you go, credits never expire

1 credit = 1 indexation check

Discounted price for bulk purchase, as low as $ 0.0007/u

credits * /u =
Get Started Free

✓ Free trial ✓ No credit card required ✓ 250 free credits

Quick Answers ⚡

The tool automates the indexation checking you would usually do manually. We query Google with the special operator "site:" + your url and we look if your URL is in the output. For more accurate results, we also do the same with "inurl:" + your url. If any of those outputs your URL, we consider your URL to be in the Google index.
Yes, it's in the name ! An API is freely accessible to all IndexedAPI users. After creating an account, you will have access to your API key and API docs.
No, we handle that so you don't have to ;)
IndexedAPI's customer support is here to help. Please reach out through the live chat widget (even when offline) or by email and you will get direct help from the founder.